Life Goes On Roadmap® is  a tool to pave your path to an empowered, abundant retirement.

It's a gift  when you decide to become a client of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.

What is a Retirement Readiness Check Up?

Most people hope to retire someday, but don’t know if it’s possible and what kind of lifestyle they should expect. They have many questions, lots of uncertainty and maybe even fear.

Our Retirement Readiness Check Up is designed to answer that question and to give you the specific action steps to make retirement under your terms possible.

This is an ideal service for people 7-15 years away from their hoped-for retirement date (whether that’s age 67, 62 or earlier).

If you’re on course to retire at the age you hoped (age 65 for example), we’ll tell you that and what you need to do to meet this goal and what could derail your plans.

If, on the other hand, you are not on course to retire at the age you hoped for, say age 62, we’ll tell you that,too. But we won’t leave you hanging there with a simple “not possible” conclusion.

We’ll show you what you can do to retire as soon as possible if that’s what you want.

The benefit to you is increased peace of mind because the scary unknown is now known. You’ll also have specific action steps to take or avoid so you have confidence that you can retire when and under the conditions you want.

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Can you retire within 5 years?

Take the Ready Set Retire Quiz to find out.

It's fun, fast, high value ... and free.
Plus, you receive  your results instantly. 
Best of all, one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals is standing by to chat further to see what next steps you can take to achieve the quality of retirement you desire.

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Life Goes On  Roadmap®  is the toolkit of choice for families that don't want to leave a big, fat mess for their loved ones to clean up later, just in case something random or crazy happens that changes everything in an instant. 

It's a powerful conversation starter and a fabulous gift idea that brings families closer, while saving them drama, trauma, and chaos when the rubber meets the road in life.

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